HVAC Depreciation Life: Guide to Expensing HVAC Costs

By using FieldInsight as your job management software, you can integrate the two softwares to further systemize your business. The great part about being able to integrate Accounting software with FieldInsight is all your information is in one place. Knowing and keeping track of these costs helps HVAC businesses figure out the real price of […]

Understanding Section 125 Cafeteria Plans

Examples include health insurance, dental and vision insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and more. In order to set a cafeteria plan in motion, employees need to pick one qualified benefit plan and one taxable benefit. Firstly, a qualified benefit is a tax-deferred plan the firm deducts from employees’ gross salary under the IRS’s provisioning code. […]

Accounting for Dividend: How to Record in Financial Statements

The board of directors of a corporation possesses sole power to declare dividends. The legality of a dividend generally depends on the amount of retained earnings available for dividends—not on the net income of any one period. Firms can pay dividends in periods in which they incurred losses, provided retained earnings and the cash position […]

Adjusting entries explanation, purpose, types, examples

This is important for accurate financial reporting and compliance with… In real life, this entry doesn’t work well since it makes the balance in Accounts Receivable for that customer look as though the customer currently owes the money. Instead of using Accounts Receivable, we can use an account called Unbilled Revenue. Drive visibility, accountability, and […]

Accrued Expenses: Definition, Examples and Accounting Principles

Let’s say Company ABC has a line of credit with a vendor, where Vendor XYZ calculates interest monthly. On Jul. 31, 2019, the vendor calculates the interest on the money owed as $500 for the month of July. An accounts payable entry is recorded as a debit to a related expense or fixed asset account […]

1-800Accountant Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of 1800accountant com

BooksTime is not responsible for your compliance or noncompliance with any laws or regulations. Customers find their online system very convenient. The cutting-edge mobile technology allows you to manage your finances from anywhere and any device with one simple 1-800Accountant login. Once you go through the 1-800Accountant sign-in and setup process, you will be able […]

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See your cash inflow and outflow in real-time, get granular details on your business’s financial health and make smarter decisions with up-to-date and interactive reports. This is the most widely used accounting software and many accounting professionals are familiar with it. However, there is a learning curve but there are many Quickbooks Certified Professionals you […]